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What is Splunxter?

Splunxter is a Splunk-focused Big-Data consulting company. We are your one-stop-shop for Splunk Professional Services including:

What does Splunxter do best?

Our flagship product is the guaranteed Splunk Health Check Program in which Splunxter's engineers use our proprietary Splunk app, combined with in-house expertise, to detect, catalogue, and prioritize a multitude of possible errors, search inefficiencies, and other "unbest practices" that are degrading your Splunk infrastructure performance or even mishandling your data, which leads directly to incorrect results and erroneous analysis. After our 3-part analysis (covering Architecutre, Data Integrity + User Behavior), we work with your engineers to correct these errors and to create "best-practices" documentation and training in order to reduce the likelihood of any recurrence. Most customers schedule periodic followups to ensure that things continue to run correctly and efficiently in the future. Any company that has been using Splunk for any length of time probably has so many of these problems that this service can pay for itself by delaying or even eliminating large CapEx costs through the rejuvenation of your existing infrastructures as-is. This service will identify and correct the following common problems, among many others:

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Splunxter also has Splunk-certified engineers who provide the following Specialty Service Offerings:

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Our Top-Seller is the "Splunk Gotchas" class, a 2-day crash course that covers 50 use-cases where a misuse of Splunk will not error outright (so you are not alerted that there is any problem), but will generate incorrect results. It is like vaccination for Splunk (it does spread in the data cernter like a virus). Here is what some former students have said about this indispensable training:

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Are you regretting your SIEM choice? We can help you plan & execute a rip-and-replace that includes porting your existing integrations, capabilities and use-cases to Splunk, the first-class, award-winning leader of the SIEM pack.

Why choose Splunxter?

After many years of working with Splunk and doing just about every dumb thing possible, our President has qualified himself as the world's foremost "ex-idiot-at-large" expert in how NOT to do Splunk. Now we are having a blast helping our customers learn from our mistakes and rejuvenating their Splunk infrastructures with the world's first and only Splunk "Tune-Up" program. Who has the time to install and deploy more indexers when you need better Splunk performance NOW? Contact us and in just a few days your cluster can be performing as though you just doubled your indexer farm!

Who are our customers?

We help all sizes of customers get the most out of their big data, primarily with Splunk, but also Hadoop. Our staff members have been working daily with Splunk since 2009, have had all the OEM training, and have helped scores of customers revolutionize their support (radical MTTR reductions) and business analytics using Splunk including:

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Who is behind Splunxter?

Gregg Woodcock is a gun-toting, Christian, homeschooling father of 3 whose 25+ years of IT experience (primarily in Telecom) and early adoption of Splunk (v3) has positioned him on the leading edge of the Big Data explosion and uniquely qualified him to launch Splunxter, currently headquartered near Dallas in Texas. He is a charter member of the "Splunk Trust" and the founder and chairman of the Dallas-area Splunk User Group, as well as a frequent guest-speaker at Telecom & Big Data events, an occasional street-preacher, the former Chairman of the Constitution Party of Texas, and a top-contributer & moderator at Splunk's Help Forum (http://Answers.Splunk.com). He is a genuine evangelist of all the best things in life and of course that includes Splunk!

What experience does Splunxter have?

Our engineers include:

Contact Information

Email RIGHT NOW to woodcock@Splunxter.com

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  • Click Here to request information about our Custom Training (including "Splunk Gotchas").

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